Cadet College Kohat

Cadet College Kohat is one of the Elite Institutions of Pakistan which Provides quality education to all segments of society on merit and competition.

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Iqbal House

House Master

Ihsan Mehmood

House Tutor

Hayat Ullah


Iqbal House has been named after the national poet of Pakistan, Allama Muhammed Iqbal who was the first to give the idea of Paksitan. Mr. M.H. Hamdani was its founder House Master..


Iqbal House was established in November, 1966.


The motto of Iqbal House is “Faith, Action and Fraternity”. The Motto aims at the dire need of giving practical shape to the dream of Allama Iqbal, for a separate nation.


The House colour of Iqbal House is light blue.

House NCO

Hav Retd. Janan

House Baba

Fazal Rahaman Baba