Cadet College Kohat

Cadet College Kohat is one of the Elite Institutions of Pakistan which Provides quality education to all segments of society on merit and competition.

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Jinnah House

House Master

Nasir Khan

House Tutor

Muhammad Irfan Khan


Jinnah House has been named after the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Jinnah House was the only boarding house in the inception when the College started working and accepted the first entry of 58 cadets. Mirza Khursheed Anwar Beg, the 3rd Principal of the College, was its founder House Master who took its charge in April 1965. Mr. Nasir Khan, is the present House Master..


Jinnah House was established in May, 1965.


“Unity, Faith, Discipline” the famous catchwords uttered by our national hero, and aim at the consummation of the motive behind the establishment of Pakistan.


The House colour of Jinnah House is Navy blue.

House NCO

Hav Retd. M.Arif

House Baba

Zulfiqar Baba