Cadet College Kohat

Cadet College Kohat is one of the Elite Institutions of Pakistan which Provides quality education to all segments of society on merit and competition.

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“ The Mission of Cadet College Kohat is to impart
Well Rounded Education to our Cadets,
with the aim to develop a Moral Person imbued with Public Service Virtues. ”



Cadet College Kohat
My aim as Principal is to ensure quality education, i.e. education in a wider sense encompassing literary, cultural, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities with particular emphasis on character and discipline. I would like the Cadets to excel in academics, sports, debates and declamations, clubs, and societies but also to be aware of their religious obligations and social norms. I am committed to the development of their personality and character so that they emerge as better students, human beings, and enlightened individuals prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead and share the burden of their parents and their family, rather than being a burden on them or on the society.
To achieve the aim that I have initiated, a healthy environment and congenial atmosphere are essential pre-requisites, particularly in institutions like ours, where schedules are regulated and life is drab. Though our resources are limited, I will Inshallah find the solutions to the problems that have been identified. I urge the cadets and faculty to work hard and to maintain the glorious traditions.